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New Stock from Aggrobeat records

I just got a few new products from Paul at aggrobeat.com in this week , For  those people wanting the vinyl copy of Foreign Legions latest and most solid release 'Light at the end of the tunnel' its here on green vinyl . Also a new band from Italy Dead End Streets (Featuring ex-members from Payback and Colonna Infame )first 7" E.P a nice release in the harder street rock style of maybe Rose Tattoo and the Corps links to it are here . There a couple of C.D's I had been meaning to order for a while firstly the Oi ! Made in Indonesia compilation 13 bands doing 25 songs from our northern neighbours and secondly the Shame who are from Tulsa's 'Old School ' cd all  old-fashioned Oi! & punk with lyrics about beer, football, daytime drinking, Arsenal, the pub and the Tulsa Roughnecks’ great victory in 1983.


Some of Aggobeats previous releases I still have in stock like the Cracks n Scars digi pack release 'Stick to your Guns' and the Halbstarke Jungs / Warriors split LP and the split i was involved in with Rebelsound records as well the Double 7" Mess with the Best


Doc Evil - Lost years Found scars


This is no holds barred Australian Oi! 8 polished songs hot off the presses (well I just got them from Doug ) , this is a C.D. release from Hostile Class records it includes an 8 page booklet with lyrics, band photos, etc .

Peter from Pure Impact says "Doc Evil was the Oi! band of Doug before he started playing in Blood Red Eagle. The band has now been resurrected and this is its first official release. Like BRE, the band is defined by Doug’s raw sounding vocals and the rock influences in the sound .  Doc Evil has a bit of a raw edge, though one of the songs, “Another town”, sounds like celtic punk without the classic instruments . Very good “debut” for a band and frontman that is keeping it real ! " .

Other current releases from Doc Evil include the split 7" with Battle Cry & The Split cd with First Assault both in stock while stocks last .


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